Pre – Laminated Particle Boards are Particle Boards (PB) that have a decorative laminate surface attached to it at the time of its manufacture.


Adding such a decorative laminate over the board surface greatly increases its aesthetic value by making it look more attractive for the end-customer, as also increases the board’s resistance to moisture, and to wear and tear.


Our stunning range of Pre-laminated Particleboards use the highest quality base boards which are manufactured by us and laminate it with the choicest decor papers in solid colors and prints that guarantee consistent colors and designs each time you order.


Using melamine based resins, our Pre-Laminated boards surpass the most stringent worldwide standards for abrasion resistance and surface durability.



Easy to clean and maintain


Excellent acoustic properties


Recyclable green material

Resistant to acids and alkalis


Thickness Size Options (in feet)
8mm 8×6, 9×6
9mm 8×6, 9×6
12mm 8×6, 9×6
17mm 8×6, 9×6
18mm 8×6, 9×6
25mm 8×6, 9×6