Welcome to Italva Woods –World of Innovations and Creations….

Italva, one of the biggest and diversified business groups in India, has today established itself formidably across diverse business domains. With focused approached and stringent quality regulations the group is moving rapidly ahead, who have taken the reins from the founders, with an eye for innovation and expansion, the group has been long delivering unparalleled value across all lines of businesses – Particle Board, Tiles, Sanitary ware, Food, Furniture.

With a Broad portfolio of offerings, Colors and Textures have a profound effect on your mood and have an ability to set the kind of ambience you want for your home. From Bold Colors and Wood grains that can brighten up gloomy hours to calming and lighter textures that can smooth your mind.

At Italva, we believe in continuous R & D and Cutting Edge Technology which maintain the world class quality standards. A dedicated team of highly trained professionals and efficient technical management people ensure that the quality of Italva products are maintained to the global standards.

Company Vision

Dreaming of a bold vision, striking a non-violent revolution, creating ground breaking technology, thinking ahead of times – people who made a huge difference in the world have embraced change.

Company Mission

• Quality in everything we do.
• Exceed customer’s expectations.
• Trust, respect and integrity are the essence in all of our relationships.
• Continuous improvements, innovations and embrace change.
• Team work and open communication.
• To foster an environment; enabling the staff to exhibit excellence in work.
• To create a safe, productive and rewarding work environment.
• To build a high – performing, diverse work force.
• To Preserve and protect the environment and Support communities where we do business